Monday Feb 06, 2023

YOUR OPINION: Green energy – Jefferson City News Tribune


Daniel Kliethermes,

New Bloomfield

Dear Editor,

The Biden Administration is pushing for renewable energy and wants to shut down fossil fuel.

If anybody watched the news, there now are riots over renewable energy. In Sri Lanka, Germany, Ghana, South Africa and other nations, it has destroyed their economy with this. Store shelves are empty because of food shortages or they are expensive and there are long lines for fuel. Sometimes they have wait two days in some parts of the country. These countries have rolling blackouts that last 10 or more hours. They have to conserve their hot water, which is lukewarm and only available for seven or eight hours a day if you are one of the lucky ones.

Now the Netherlands is protesting because they can only buy certain fertilizer which does not work and doesn’t produce anything, which puts the farmer in a financial bind all of this due to renewable energy.

The Biden administration has been trying to do that since he took office. Now in Texas, they are expecting blackouts as the temperature rises because the windmills which rely on wind and solar panels rely on the sun will probably not produce enough electricity to power that much area. The solar energy only produces about 1 kilowatt hour and fossil fuel delivers about 4 wattage hours.

This world is not going into global warming, and the earth will not cease to exist. I wonder about these so-called climate activists. Do they drive cars powered by gas or do they ride a bike with tires made by fossil fuel products. What’s the difference? If you don’t like what is going on, then change your citizenship to one of countries above. So why don’t you quit crying and take care of yourself because you know if it comes to where we have renewable energy you are going to suffer like the rest of us. You will not be happy.


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