Tuesday Dec 06, 2022

Wind and Solar Power Will Not Give Us Self Reliance – Flathead Beacon


People who think wind and solar power will give us “self-reliance” and “frees us from volatile global markets” are misinformed. This misinformation in a recent letter to the editor is countered by the documentation Dr. Annie Bukacek has provided us. Wind and solar sources of power are reliant on products made by multinational corporations in other countries, primarily China. When the solar panels, wind turbines/blades and batteries give out, they are dumped in our landfills where they take up space and leak toxic waste into the soil. In Montana, we are blessed with abundant natural resources. We have everything we need to be energy self-reliant. 

Dr. Bukacek as PSC commissioner plans to work with legislators and the governor’s energy council to help develop policies and laws that allow for more efficient use of what we have going for us here in Montana … coal, hydroelectric, natural gas, solar, wind and biomass. Voting for Dr. Annie Bukacek for Public Service Commission is a step in the right direction toward maintaining Montana’s energy independence.

Brenda Hambrick

Source: https://flatheadbeacon.com/2022/09/02/wind-and-solar-power-will-not-give-us-self-reliance/

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