Saturday Feb 04, 2023

VIGORPOOL Launches A New Generation Of Smart Solar Generator – CAPTAIN 1200 – PR Newswire



1. Parallel Function

The launch of the Parallel Function has brought a breakthrough to the mobile power supply industry. Connecting two Captain 1200s in parallel doubles the capacity to 2560Wh, and the continuous output power can reach up to 2400W. Longer battery life and higher power output make the Captain 1200 more useful on a broader array of mobile power applications.

2. Durable And More Economical

The Captain 1200 uses a safer and more durable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. Compared with the ternary lithium battery, which loses around 20% of its charge capacity after 500 cycles, LiFePO4 batteries last 3500+ charge cycles before falling to 80% remaining capacity. This improved durability means that even if the unit is used and recharged every day, it will continue to function for 9 years without a significant capacity drop. Therefore product replacement and the need for repeat purchases are drastically reduced. 

3. A Mobile Portable Energy Station

The Captain 1200’s high output and 12 power ports of varying types make it compatible with 99% of equipment and appliances on the market. It also features a built-in wireless charging station for cordless phone charging on the go.

4. Recharge In As Little As 1.5 Hours

The Captain 1200 achieves true fast charging while the advanced built-in BMS system keeps the unit and battery safe. The wall charger and solar panel can simultaneously charge the Captain 1200 to achieve Duel Fast Charging, which only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.

5. Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

When kept plugged into a wall outlet, any devices plugged into the Captain 1200 will run directly off the power supplied by the outlet. Within 10 milliseconds of a power outage, the Captain 1200’s UPS function will restore power, ensuring the function of critical equipment, such as household refrigerators, CPAPs, and computers.

6. Three-Layer BMS Protection System

Safety is always the first consideration of VigorPool. While similar products only support two-layer BMS protection, the VigorPool Captain 1200 uses a three-layer BMS system to ensure the safety of the user and the device.

7. A Green Energy System

Users can match the VigorPool Captain 1200 with 100W, 200W, or 400W solar panels to form a solar generator, bringing users a green power solution anywhere. In addition, its built-in MPPT charge controller automatically adjusts the charging power to provide 30% better solar charging efficiency than traditional solar charging systems.

8. Smart Control System

The VIGORPOOL APP allows users to conveniently check battery stats, control the charge and discharge functions, and access other features from their phone or tablet.

About VigorPool

VigorPool was created to bring a safer, more affordable, and longer-lasting solution to the portable solar system industry. Our strong environmental awareness and advanced technological skills drive us to bring high-quality, green, portable power to the world. It is a humanitarian belief that green power should be accessible to everyone, and the desire in our hearts to make that belief a reality drives the high-quality product design and innovation you find in our products.



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