Monday Feb 06, 2023

Van Straten Enterprises wins best of show at SEMA – Marquette Mining Journal


From left, George Van Straten, Laron Michelle Brown, Neil Tjin, and Jill Van Straten pose during the Specialty Equipment Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, in November. (Provided photo via Houghton Daily Mining Gazette)


CHASSELL — Van Straten Enterprises X3 DC recently revealed their Charge Solar generator/charging system, which won the coveted Best of Show award at the Specialty Equipment Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The system is featured in the all-electric Tjin Edition Mach-E Ford Mustang

The Ford Motor Company also won the Car of the Year Award with the Mustang. The SEMA Show is the premier trade show geared to help small businesses thrive and succeed. The trade-only event enables automotive specialty equipment manufacturers to display alongside automotive manufacturers to debut new, innovative products, and connect with industry buyers from all over the world.

“The SEMA Show, and having our solar product on the Ford Mustang Mach-E, has been an amazing experience,” said Jill Van Straten, CEO of Van Straten Enterprises. “To be recognized as one of the Top 5 trending vehicle models at the show, and first in our category, is beyond exciting and really showcases what our company is accomplishing in the solar energy field. The Mach-E made a huge impression at the SEMA show, and was selected by the Ford Auto Show team to also be on display in the Ford booth at the LA Auto Show from Nov 19 to the 28 in Los Angeles, California.”

Van Straten said it is part of 17-city auto show tour at which the car will be displayed. Ford and Tjin Edition already have a number of new projects that they would like to partner with VSE on to solarize several of their new EV’s to exhibit at the SEMA Show 2022, she said.

“We also just received word that Ford will be adding our solar charging system into their aftermarket parts division program,” Van Straten continued, “and will eventually add it into their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) level program as well.”

Provided photo Van Straten Enterprises partnered with Ford and Tjin Edition to reveal their X3 Energy Solar Technology in the new Mustang Mach-E at the 2021 SEMA Show — which Won “Best of Show” in November.

The X3 hood and windshield solar panel/sun shades are removable, flexible, and easily attached when a vehicle is parked. To install the removable X3 solar panels, simply attach the panel to the hood and windshield with provided suction cup attachments. Plug an electrical cable into the X3 Power Station Box and the sun will do the rest. The sun creates power through the solar panel and it is then stored in the X3 Power Station Box. The panels are easily detached for roll-up storage inside the vehicle while driving.

The stored energy can be used to power electronics, such as a cellphone, radio, laptop, and/or to trickle charge power back into the EV battery for additional mileage. VSE/X3 also offers an internal windshield solar charger/sun shade to trickle charge your EV when parked. A patented “heated”option is also available with a VSE/X3 smart sensor. This will not only allow the windshield to stay defrosted so it remains snow and ice-free, but will also keep the cabin warm during cold weather months. The X3 …….


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