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U.S. Installed Enough Solar Energy to Power Over 23 Million Homes in 2021, Report Finds – One Green Planet


According to recent numbers by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the U.S. installed 23.6 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV capacity in 2021. The total now amounts to 121.4 GW, which means enough solar power is provided to power 23.3 million homes. Solar energy also made up the largest share and accounted for 46% of newly generated energy in 2021.

The numbers cast an optimistic light on the often-complex green energy developments in the U.S. Solar power has faced overall pushbacks from conservative leaders, and misinformation about solar and wind energy, commonly spread through social media, has confused portions of the U.S. population. The Biden Administration had also included a tax credit for solar panel purchases as part of his Build Back Better Bill, but the bill was rebuffed by Central-Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and Republican leaders.

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SEIA’s forecasts project a significant increase in solar development in the next decade, but only if Biden’s plan gains momentum.

“If federal clean energy incentives are passed, including the proposed extensions and modifications to tax credits, the utility solar industry would install an additional 210 GW by 2032 for a total of 454 GW between 2022 and 2032,” the report states. Manchin has since restarted the debate concerning the bill, but whether the tax credits will play a role in these negotiations remain to be seen.

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Solar power is also diversifying, and the report noted that “community solar volumes reached 957 megawatts, representing 7% year-over-year growth.” The Community Solar initiative allows residents who, for one reason or another, cannot place solar panels on their roof, to still benefit from it by subscribing to a local community solar farm. According to the U.S. Solar Technology Office, about a third of the U.S. states have policies for Community Solar in place as of 2020.

The U.S.’s green energy production is following a trend of renewables taking a lead in the energy development infrastructure, making up an unprecedented 81% of the total new global energy capacity in 2021. Records are also being broken this year. On April 3rd, 97% of the electricity on California’s grid came from renewable energy.

Source: CBS 8 San Diego/Youtube

On top of that, wind power passed a milestone on March 29th when it was the second-largest producer of energy for 24 hours; and a new wind farm now powers Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Sign this petition to support Solar Power in Iowa.

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