Friday Dec 02, 2022

Two Brothers have Revolutionized DIY Solar – Even Renters Can Install. – EIN News


Counteract Rising Energy Costs & Grid Failures!

Craftstrom’s Plug & Play Solar Power & Storage utilizes standard outlets and existing house wiring to help users minimize utility bill with free solar power.

As extreme weather becomes routine, individuals and governments alike are searching for ways to slow and even reverse the effects of climate change. Renewable energy has taken center stage in the attempt to combat climate change and a worsening global energy economy. Modern governments have failed time and time again to effectively implement renewable energy polices. Now, private companies are taking up the mantle in the fight against climate change. Companies like Craftstrom, a Texas-based solar company revolutionizing at home energy, may have what it takes to create waves of change in the energy industry.

Craftstrom began as an idea between two brothers living an ocean away in Vienna and Texas. While living in Vienna and traveling throughout the EU, Stephan saw an emergence in renewable energy technology that he believed could have practical applications for homeowners. Michael, who had just moved to Texas, saw an opportunity in one of the biggest energy markets on the planet. Craftstrom is pioneering a new technology in the renewable energy industry. The Texas-based renewable energy company has come up with a smart solar system that provides power for the entire home by utilizing the existing power grid.

Craftstrom’s plug and play solar panel allows customers to generate, store, and use electricity to reduce the cost of their monthly bill.

With Crafstrom’s sleek, modular design, homeowners and even renters can reduce their power bills using solar. This system has been sold in 27 countries and is a safe and economical solution for anyone. Craftstrom Zero-Export Solar Power system guarantees that users utilize close to 100% of the power generated at home. The system comes with a meter that measures a home’s appliances’ power usage, eliminating excessive power generation and reducing waste. The meter also works to keep the solar system permit-free, by balancing solar production and appliance power consumption.

To make the product as user-friendly as possible, Craftstrom Zero-Export Solar Power and Storage feeds through standard outlets and existing house wiring. Users can set up the system in about 10 minutes and begin to use it immediately. The fact that it is lightweight and comes in a user-friendly design makes the system easy and safe to install. Thus, not only is this a no permits needed system, but it is also a no-electrician-needed and no-interconnection – agreement-needed solar power system.

The system’s accompanying app displays production, usage, and storage. The app allows users to manage battery charge and discharge cycles and has the option of automatic management through Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, panels can be monitored and controlled, either individually or together, allowing users to set up each panel for maximum gain.

Craftstrom’s plug and play solar system was designed for the everyday homeowner or renter who doesn’t want to be susceptible to the whims and foleys of an unstable energy economy. Beyond their goal to better the planet through renewable energy, Craftstrom aims to make energy more affordable for everyone by harnessing the clean energy of the sun in a way that has never been done before.

Craftstrom plug & play solar power & storage has met with positive reviews ever since it was introduced to the market. Trevor, a satisfied customer, says, “…….


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