Thursday Dec 08, 2022

This solar panel cleaning system is remote-controlled with a POV camera – Autoblog


There are cleaning solutions for nearly everything on the planet, but this solar panel cleaning robot is aiming to help solar energy stations. SolarCleano provides a service to clean gigawatt solar stations using its remote-controlled and autonomous solar panel cleaners. The system cleans dirt and pollen carried by wind and rain from the surface to enhance solar energy absorption. SolarCleano has multiple products for cleaning, but one product specifically, the F1, is suitable for wet and dry cleaning. The SolarCleano F1 is a tracked remote-controlled robot that gently drives on top of a solar panel row. It’s equipped with helicoidal brushes that remove dirt and debris, and when attached to a regular garden hose the F1 becomes a wet cleaner. An onboard camera lets operators see what they’re cleaning and make sure the robot is on the right track. SolarCleano also has a T1 transporter that carries the F1 to the next solar panel row. There is an autonomous version of the F1 named F1A that automatically charges its batteries with programmed sessions that work 24 hours a day.

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