Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

This solar generator might save you on inflated energy costs – Engadget


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Inflation has driven costs so high that even Amazon placed a fuel surcharge on sellers. If the world’s largest company isn’t immune to rising prices, the average consumer isn’t either. You could try to offset your increased spending by eating out less or canceling rarely used subscriptions, but there are bigger measures that might have a more significant impact on your savings.

For example, switching to solar power can lower your energy grid reliance by using our most abundant resource: the Sun. However, while spending tens of thousands to outfit your entire home with new panels might not be cost effective in your area, this Generark Solar Generator can help you on a smaller scale for $1,499.

With an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon, this two-part system could act as an emergency power supply for your home. It features the HomePower ONE, a battery station and two SolarPower ONEs, a pair of solar panels. Generark suggests the former can store up to 1,002Wh of energy, so if you want to reduce electrical costs or are keen on having an emergency generator, the HomePower ONE may serve as an alternative for charging devices and supporting appliances.

This power station features three pure-sine wave AC outlets rated at 1,000W with 2,000W of surge power at 110V. It also has two USB-C outputs that deliver 18W, a USB-A port offering 5V/2.4A, another USB-A connector with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and a car adapter with 12V/10A, which should cover most of your devices.

You can charge the HomePower ONE with your car or an AC outlet, but the included SolarPower ONE panels are better suited for maximizing your energy savings. They’re constructed with monocrystalline solar cells that Generark claims offer 50 percent higher conversion efficiency than traditional cells. Plus, they feature durable cloth and PET high-temperature resistant material. The SolarPower ONEs offer up to 200W of output, and you can set them up in as little as 30 seconds, so you don’t have to hire a contractor to install them.

The Generark Solar Generator could lower your power bills, and you may even curb your carbon footprint while you’re at it. You can purchase the HomePower ONE and SolarPower ONE today for $1,499 or nearly $400 off.

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