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The top 5 questions to ensure a successful solar journey – ABC15 Arizona in Phoenix


Thousands of homeowners are realizing that the best way to manage their energy costs is by making the switch to solar energy. While the benefits of generating your own power and saving thousands on energy bills are compelling, the biggest mistakes that many homeowners make is not reading all of the details of their solar agreement and failing to understand exactly what is going into their solar system or who will take care of it if an issue arises. As one of Arizona’s most trusted solar installers since 2009, Solar Topps has helped thousands of Arizonans make the switch to solar without regrets. With an upfront, honest approach, Solar Topps has become Arizona’s leading authority in all things solar and battery backup. Here are the Top 5 questions each homeowner should ask for a successful solar journey.

1. Did You Read Your Solar Agreement Thoroughly?

Going solar can be an exciting time, and you may be enticed to quickly sign on the dotted line to get your system installed as quick as you can. But taking a few extra minutes to look over your agreement in its entirety can mean the difference between saving tens of thousands of dollars compared to only a few hundred, as well as making a massive impact on whether going solar makes sense for you. It’s important to understand who will be installing your system, if any additional options have been included, and who to contact in case of system issues (more on this below). If you feel like you are caught in a contract that is wrong for you, remember, in Arizona you can cancel your agreement up to three days before any installation has begun. Solar Topps has helped many homeowners get a better value on their solar project and assist in cancelling their existing agreement with other solar installers without penalty.

2. Do You Know Exactly What Brand of Equipment is Being Installed?

Sometimes solar companies choose to offer systems at the lowest price possible because they think that is all the customer cares about. Unfortunately, this typically means they are using equipment Solar Topps considers inferior and will cost you more in the long term, which no customer really wants. Knowing the type of panels, inverters or battery storage devices is crucial. See if there are any clauses that will allow the installer to change (or modify) the equipment to be used on your home. This could happen because of something simple, such as inventory or supply issues, but if it can happen, be sure you have the right to know and approve the substitution beforehand. Moreover, for each of the items that are being installed, make sure you ask for the spec sheet to truly understand how the product is expected to perform. Remember, like all solar companies, not all solar products are the same. Premium products offer better productivity and reliability, which in turn means more potential savings for you. A common misconception is premium products mean paying significantly more. In fact, premium products, especially those provided by Solar Topps, may only be slightly more expensive but provide a quicker return on your investment and a better overall deal.

3. Does the Installer Provide a Power Production Chart?

Any trustworthy and knowledgeable installer will stand behind their work. The best way to do this is by showing you a Power Production Chart. This chart will show you what the anticipated energy production of the system will be over the years. Each year …….

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