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The Best Sustainable Tech: Awesome for the Environment and You – Review Geek



For many people, the words “tech” and “sustainability” don’t go hand in hand. But they can! There’s a lot of great tech out there that can inspire a more sustainable life and help you be kinder to the environment.

A few of these tech goodies are awesome sustainable swaps for traditionally non-sustainable products in your life, like swapping out boring notebook paper for a smart notebook that you can reuse over and over. Then, there are other products that come from companies with sustainability as one of its core values and some that are made with environmentally friendly materials.

What Is Sustainability?

In a nutshell, sustainability describes whether something (a product, action, resource, etc.) can hold up over a long period. Solar energy, for example, is more sustainable than fossil fuel energy sources because the sun’s not going anywhere anytime soon; fossil fuel sources, however, are quickly being depleted.

To put the concept of sustainability in a non-environmental example, let’s examine a random person’s sleep schedule. This random person (let’s call him Bob) has to wake up at 7 a.m. to get to work on time, and he usually goes to bed at least by 11 p.m. to get a good night’s sleep.

Let’s say that Bob wants to spend more hours awake, so he starts going to bed at 4 a.m., giving him only three hours of rest before he has to get up for work. Although he might be able to do this for a day or two, he can’t continue with this pattern. It’s not sustainable.

One of my favorite explanations of sustainability says something along the lines of needing to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the future generation’s ability to meet those same needs.

How Can Technology Be Sustainable?

As tech companies evolve, it’s natural (pun intended) that some may become more environmentally conscious. But how exactly does a company that produces tech do so more sustainably?

The materials that a company uses in its products are a huge consideration. This extends from the materials used in the actual product being sold to the shipping or packaging materials. Companies can use less plastic and styrofoam when sending products out and use more renewable resources in products, like solar energy, and in their manufacturing plants.

Another huge source of tech company sustainability to consider is how each recycles and reuses its products. A company that regularly produces laptops, earbuds, or other tech can have a pretty sweet recycling program. Whether a company offers a discount in return for recycled tech, takes recycled tech and donates it, or sells it at a discounted rate, it’s a great way to keep electronics out of landfills. Likewise, electronics designed with repairability in mind are equally great.

Tech itself can be considered sustainable if it makes you swap out something in your daily routine that’s not so sustainable. Take the first item on our list, for example. The Rocketbook Fusion is a reusable notebook, allowing you to (re)use it instead of paper and save some trees.

Smart Reusable Notebook: Rocketbook Fusion


Though we’ve come a long way with our paper-wasting tendencies, we still have a ways to …….


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