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The 7 Best Solar Companies in Texas of 2022 – MarketWatch


Whether you’re in the Chihuahuan Desert or a more metropolitan area such as Austin or San Antonio, there are lots of opportunities to soak up the sun in Texas. This makes it an ideal place to transition to solar power and maximize your energy savings.

The right solar company for your home will depend on your individual energy needs and goals, but there are options for everyone in the Lone Star State. To assist you with your search, we at the Home Media reviews team have meticulously researched the best solar companies in Texas. This guide breaks down each provider’s pros and cons plus potential saving incentives in the state.

Texas’ Top Solar Energy Companies

These are the top seven solar energy companies in Texas, based on our extensive research:

Momentum Solar

  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Panel options: Monocrystalline

Pros and Cons of Momentum Solar

​​+ Momentum Family Rebate program offers customer rewards

​​+ Online payment option

​​+ Interactive mobile app for system monitoring

Mixed customer reviews

Minimal pricing information online

Momentum Solar Details

Momentum Solar focuses on making the switch to solar power engaging and easy. The company handles all aspects of the installation process from design to financing. It also offers a selection of solar panels from various manufacturers to make your system customizable.

Though Momentum’s pricing is slightly higher than competitors, it provides full-service support and offers customers education on its solar energy systems. It also limits its services to states with long-standing net-metering programs. These programs allow you to sell excess power produced by your system back into the grid. The metered amount can be applied to your future electricity bills to maximize your savings.


  • 25-year output warranty
  • Consultation
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging system
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Mobile app
  • Optional service package
  • Survey and design
  • System monitoring

Payment options: Momentum Solar has multiple payment options for solar installation. Customers can pay for their systems up-front or through a solar loan. A solar loan is similar to a home or auto loan: You pay a monthly fee to own the panels. Both of these options grant you access to solar incentives that reduce the overall cost of your system.

You can also lease your Momentum Solar panels or enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A solar lease allows you to pay a set monthly fee to use solar energy without committing to owning the panels. A PPA also requires a monthly fee, but the rate varies based on how much energy your solar panels produce, similar to a standard electricity bill. While both options come with little to no up-front costs, they disqualify you from state and federal solar incentives because they …….


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