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The 7 Best Solar Companies in Florida of 2022 – MarketWatch


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There’s a reason Florida is known as the Sunshine State: It gets an average of 237 sunny days per year, making it an ideal place to switch to solar power and harness the sun’s energy.

There are more than 370 solar panel companies in Florida, each of which meets varying needs. We at the Home Media reviews team have thoroughly researched the best solar companies in the United States. This guide covers the pros, cons and costs of Florida’s top seven solar companies.


Florida’s Top Solar Energy Companies:

Based on our extensive research, these are the seven best solar companies in Florida.

Momentum Solar

  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Panel options: Monocrystalline

Pros and Cons of Momentum Solar

​​​​+ Easy-to-use mobile app for system monitoring

+ Full-service experience, from permitting to installation

+ Savings rewards through Momentum Family Rebate program

Pricing information only available by phone

Varied customer reviews

Momentum Solar Details

Momentum Solar strives to make switching to solar energy interactive and accessible. The company handles all aspects of the installation process and provides educational materials. Although Momentum is more expensive than competitors, it provides full-service support from consultation and design to permitting and financing. 

Momentum offers a range of solar panels from various manufacturers to customize your system. To maximize savings, it limits its services to states with established net-metering programs. These programs allow you to sell excess power generated by your system back to the grid. The amount metered is applied as a credit to your future utility bills.


  • Consultation
  • Survey and design
  • Electric vehicle charging system
  • System monitoring
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Interactive mobile app
  • 25-year output warranty
  • Optional service package

Payment options:

Momentum Solar offers three payment options to Florida homeowners. Those who want to own their system can pay in full or through a solar loan. Loans require a monthly fee similar to a home or auto loan.

Those who don’t want to commit to owning their system can select a solar lease and pay a monthly fee. This helps you avoid up-front costs but disqualifies you from state and federal solar incentives because a third party owns the panels.

Momentum also offers Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which involve paying a monthly fee based on the energy your solar panels produce. However, Florida does not allow PPAs.

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