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The 7 Best Solar Companies in Arizona of 2022 – MarketWatch


Arizona is known for its vibrant desert landscapes, sizzling summer temperatures and, of course, the Grand Canyon. However, you may not know that Arizona is also ranked as the sunniest state in the United States, receiving over 300 sunny days throughout the year. This makes it the ideal place for harnessing solar energy power.

With nearly 300 solar companies in Arizona, finding the best provider may feel like an overwhelming task. To make the process easier, we at the Home Media reviews team have researched dozens of companies and created a list of the top solar installers in the state. All quoted prices in this review are for a 5kW (5,000 watts) professional solar installation, the average size for a residential system in the United States.

Arizona’s Top 7 Solar Companies of 2022

Below are our picks for the best solar companies in the state.

Palmetto Solar

  • Warranty: 25 years 
  • Average Cost: $13,500

Pros and Cons of Palmetto Solar

​​+ Additional system monitoring and service discounts available via the Palmetto Protect plan

​​+ Online tools to help you estimate your potential solar savings

​​+ Protection plan coverage available for non-Palmetto Solar customers

Limited options for free system monitoring

No information about financing options online

Palmetto Solar Details

Palmetto Solar tops our list of solar companies because of its 25-year panel warranty and comprehensive protection plan. The company also provides extensive customer service options. You can communicate with customer service via chat, email, phone or the dedicated app. 

Palmetto has a detailed installation process that focuses on finding the best solar solution for each customer. From the initial consultation to the completed installation, the company keeps you well-informed throughout every step. Your new solar system will include monocrystalline solar panels, an inverter and an optional sonnen battery. 

The optional Palmetto Protect plan offers customers and non-customers additional monitoring and service options on a tiered scale. The tiers run from $8 to $49 per month, with options for yearly subscriptions for extra savings. The highest Premier tier includes 24/7 system monitoring, free annual panel cleaning or service visits and exclusive discounts for local service providers. 


  • 2 sonnen solar battery options
  • 25-year panel warranty
  • Energy consumption tracking
  • Energy efficiency auditing
  • Palmetto Protect tiered coverage plan
  • Palmetto Solar app
  • Panel cleaning
  • Panel maintenance and repair services
  • Panel removal and reinstallation
  • Pest abatement
  • Roof-leak repair under solar panels
  • Solar inverter and optimizer replacement
  • Solar panel installation
  • Survey and design
  • Virtual or in-person consultation

Payment options: Palmetto has four payment options. Those who want total ownership of the system can pay in full or …….

Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/picks/guides/home-improvement/best-solar-companies-in-arizona/

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