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The 10 best solar companies of 2022 – MarketWatch


As awareness of renewable energy benefits grows worldwide, the solar industry is booming. There are now hundreds of providers in the United States alone. Navigating the growing number of solar companies can be overwhelming, to say the least, and comparing products, services and pricing can be a headache-inducing task.

If you are committed to powering your home through a solar power system but don’t know where to start, we at the Home Media reviews team have compiled a list of our recommendations of the top solar companies to help you get started. The list below is based on our research of dozens of providers across the country. Each solar installation company featured in our review has been evaluated on a variety of factors, such as pricing, services, products and customer support.

Payment options: Momentum Solar customers can opt to buy their solar panels through a lump-sum payment or a loan. The company also offers solar leasing and PPAs.

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Payment options: Vision Solar offers four payment options. You can pay with an up-front, lump-sum payment, take out a solar loan, lease your system or enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Solar loans allow you to own your system by making monthly payments without a large initial cost. Vision Solar says some customers who choose this option can qualify for $0 down. With a lease, you’ll also pay a set monthly rate. With a PPA, your payments will vary each month depending on your energy usage, like an electricity bill.

Leases and PPAs are similar in that they mean you’re paying to rent your system, not own it.  This means you won’t be able to take advantage of the federal solar tax credit or other government rebates and tax incentives.


Payment options: Elevation only offers its solar panels and products via up-front purchases or solar loans. Though this means you lose out on more affordable options like solar leases and PPAs, a full purchase or loan is ultimately more cost-effective and provides you with full ownership of your solar power system.


Payment options: Green Home Systems allows customers to purchase their entire solar power system up-front. The company also offers loans, leasing and power purchase agreements. Qualifying customers could have to put as little as $0 down with a loan.


Payment options: SunPower offers four payment options: full purchase, solar lease, solar loan and PPA.

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Payment options: Blue Raven customers may purchase their entire system up-front or enter the company’s BluePower Plus+ financing plan.

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Payment options: In addition to Sunrun’s two leasing options, the company allows customers to purchase their solar panels in cash or through in-house financing with no money down for those who qualify.

While Sunrun provides instant online quotes, the company cannot give an accurate estimate until after an in-person or virtual home consultation.

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