Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Sungrow Releases Top-notch Solutions for Commercial and Residential Applications – PR Newswire


Energy prices, geopolitical crises and net-zero goals can be major challenges for “post-pandemic” Europe. The distributed generation market, especially the residential segment, plays a vital role in diversifying the energy mix and making energy more independent and sustainable in Europe. This explains why the forecast for household solar and battery storage continues to look bright for the coming years.

The carbon neutrality global trend also triggers quickly evolving EVs, leading to an urgent demand for a growing number of EV chargers. Yet, simply owning an EV is not enough to offset carbon dioxide emissions. Using renewable energy to charge the EV is a more cost-efficient way to lower the carbon footprint.

In terms of Sungrow’s EV Charger Business, the Company introduced its new charging solution, the AC011E-01 for the European market. When adding it to Sungrow’s cutting-edge 3-phase Hybrid inverter and Battery solution, customers can embrace an all-in-one smart system for their homes.

The all-in-one solution is user-friendly, versatile, and intelligent. Specifically, the new Battery is designed in a modular fashion. Each battery module weighs only 33 kg and it’s assembled just by placing the modules on top of one another — no wiring is required. Customers can increase capacity from 9.6 kWh up to 25.6 kWh for maximum flexibility. The new installation video guides users through all required installation steps and proves how fast and easy a battery installation may be.

Since the price of electricity fluctuates, the energy storage system can be instructed to absorb electricity when it is cheap and release electricity when it is expensive in order to generate revenue for the customer. In addition, the solution offers an optimized residential backup experience, with a seamless transition when there is a power outage.

In terms of the AC011E-01, it is an 11kW AC charger for 50/60Hz grid. It’s durable due to IP65 protection capability and UV resistance. Furthermore, it supports smart charging & scheduling function, which allows being preset to not charge at peak times in response to time-of-use (ToU) prices in the regulated market.

This all-in-one solution can be monitored and managed via the iSolarCloud platform. The device sends fresh data to this free platform so that customers may check energy flow and self-consumption in near real time, being totally in control of their renewable energy assets.

“It’s an intelligent combination of charging with solar power. Sungrow’s new products not only cut your electricity bills and streamline the installation, but it also shapes a safe, reliable, and sustainable lifestyle,” said Andrea Polini, Product Manager, Hybrid/ESS Distribution, Sungrow.

In addition, Sungrow introduced the new meter with 2CTs for residential installations, which offers the possibility to scale-up plant power by combining the 3-phase Hybrid and residential battery with any PV inverter.

Tailored to commercial applications, Sungrow’s SG125CX is a new addition to Sungrow Commercial Extreme Series, comes with 12 individual MPPTs and is compatible with the latest high-power modules. As with all Sungrow inverters the design has been improved to make installation as easy as possible.

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