Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Sparkleberry: Escambia County Approves FPL Molino Solar Farm, The Third In North Escambia –


The Escambia County Development Review Committee on Wednesday sign off on a third Florida Power & Light solar farm in North Escambia on hundreds of acres in Molino.

The Sparkleberry Solar Energy Center is planned for 553 acres south of the end of Pilgrim Trail. According to FPL, over 200,000 solar panels will generate nearly 75 megawatts — enough energy to power 15,000 homes. FPL must still obtain construction permits, and the development order remains valid for at least 18 months for them to do that.

No water or sewer facilities are required, and on-site stormwater retention areas will be constructed to accommodate the semi-impervious and impervious cover.

According to the development order, no protected trees will be removed, and FPL will not be required to plant any trees in mitigation.

The Molino solar farm is roughly the same size as two others in North Escambia.

The 300,000 solar panels at the Cotton Creek Solar Energy Center on Bogia Road near McDavid have been in operation since the first of the year, producing up to about 75 megawatts.

The First City Solar Energy Center, the second FPL solar site to be built in North Escambia,  off Holland, Cox and Roach roads in McDavid is not yet operational. It also has a planned output of 75 megawatts. graphic showing the proposed location of the Sparkleberry Solar Energy Center in Molino, click to enlarge.




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