Thursday Dec 08, 2022

Solar power: 5 common myths debunked by experts ‘little to no maintenance’ – Express


CES experts explained: “Through Grid energy usage, some households remain eligible for planned relief from rocketing Grid energy bills, including the £400 energy bill discount announced by the Government for this winter.

“So it’s worth checking with your provider to see if a combination of solar and grid energy is a bright idea to get you the best energy deal.”

Myth: Solar isn’t a cost-effective investment

In years gone by, high installation costs were a deterrent for some households considering going solar. However, with traditional energy prices rising, the return on solar investment will be gained much more quickly now than in previous years.

CES said: “The Energy Saving Trust says that the average household could save between £165 and £405 a year with solar panels. And based on current energy prices, home solar panel specialist Green Energy Together estimates that a typical homeowner could see a full return on their solar panel investment in just five years.”

Solar panel owners can also sell excess solar energy produced back to the Grid, offering another way to speed up the return on investing in solar panels.

Reports suggest that demand for solar panel installation across the country has increased fourfold in 2022 compared with last year, and it’s only continuing month on month as standard energy prices rise.


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