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Seamless Solar Roof Technology – The Next Step For Homeowners – Urban Toronto


The solar industry is attempting to revive the planet from a growing climate crisis, but building constructors and the like are limited in their options to utilize solar technology. This is primarily due to traditional solar technology’s design. and production barriers.

Aesthetic Limitations

The most common solar option on the market for homeowners consists of dull blue and black solar cells that are noticeably applied onto the roofs of residential homes and the like. Solar technology hasn’t been largely adopted because solar material often lacks the desired aesthetics and flexibility – specifically rooftop solar panels. Not only this, but solar roof panels are also typically limited to utilizing a thick metal frame, making their application more noticeable on rooftops. 

This unfortunate combination forces homeowners to compromise on the aesthetics of their homes. Although these panels are the most economical solar option on the market, it forces homeowners to utilize unattractive panels.

Implementation Barriers

While traditional, bulky solar panels have been the product of choice for residential rooftop solar installations for years, over time, other options have increasingly broken into the market that combine aesthetics with energy generation. There are now many available options that generate electricity, while looking good and acting as a functional roof. 

However, these options have drawbacks – they are very hard to implement onto roofs, and are priced much higher than standard solar panels. Newer solar options typically fully integrate into the roof of a home, optimizing aesthetics but increasing installation difficulty and costs. Compared to traditional solar panels, they have a significantly lower return on investment due to implementation difficulty. The solar market needs attractive options that are easy to use, while maximizing payback.

Beautiful and Economical Solution

Products like the Mitrex Solar Roof resolve these common concerns regarding aesthetic options and costs. Mitrex manufactures integrated solar technology, incorporating solar into any structure’s exterior – including building envelopes, glass, roofs, and more. Much like the aesthetic options on the market, Mitrex Solar Roofs seamlessly integrate solar technology. Instead of the typical blue and black panels, the Mitrex Solar Roof is offered in many popular roof patterns, allowing panels to integrate flawlessly into the existing home’s design.

Not only do the panels look good, but various installation options make adoption even easier. Mitrex Solar Roof is offered with a frame installed using the same methods as typical solar panels. It is being provided with a hidden frame that utilizes an improved installation method.

In contrast to typical solar panels, Mitrex Solar Roof is innovative as it provides design flexibility with easy installation, making implementation simple. The cost-effective pricing of Mitrex Solar Roof means that homeowners have a high return on investment, reducing energy costs for years to come.

Mitrex makes the adoption of solar technology easy. The fully automated North American Mitrex facility can produce tens of thousands of square feet of integrated solar materials each day, ensuring homeowners are provided with an accessible and limitless range of solar materials to utilize creatively. By choosing Mitrex, homeowners can adopt aesthetic, cost-effective solar technology, and reduce their carbon footprint.

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