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Qcells’ low carbon footprint certified panels to power one of the largest rooftop solar array in the Nordics – AltEnergyMag


Swedish solar power developer Soltech to build 6.1 MW solar system at Coop Sverige AB’s new goods terminal in Eskilstuna, Sweden, using Qcells’ certified CfP modules, made with recycled and low-carbon polysilicon.

One of the leading solar power developers in the Nordics has chosen Qcells’ low carbon certified (CfP) solar modules to be installed at what will become one of the largest rooftop PV arrays in the Nordics.

Qcells, known as a globally successful full-service provider of clean energy solutions in the areas of solar systems, solar power plants, energy storage and electricity contracts, has signed a deal with Soltech Energy Solutions – a Swedish-headquartered solar power specialist – to supply its CfP-certified solar modules made with sustainably produced ingots and wafers from Norway and low-carbon polysilicon from Germany and the USA, for the installation, which will cover 38,000 square meters.

The customer, Coop Sverige AB, is a renowned supermarket chain with branches across Europe. The 6.1 MW solar system will be installed at Coop’s new fully automated goods terminal in the city of Eskilstuna, near Stockholm, Sweden. Half of the terminal’s electricity needs will be met by the solar array, which is expected to be finalised by the turn of the year 2022/2023.

For Coop, which prides itself on being Sweden’s most sustainable brand (according to the Sustainable Brand Index 2021), the solar installation from Soltech represents a double positive for its carbon footprint. By using CfP-certified modules from Qcells, half of the site’s high electricity consumption is met not only by solar power, but by panels produced in a clean, low-carbon manner.

For Qcells, this installation is testament to the company’s efforts to boost solar uptake across Europe, while also increasing the share of low-carbon products in its portfolio. The selected NorSun solar modules, the Q.PEAK DUO L-G6 425Wp, have carbon emissions of 386 kgCO₂/kW according to the Certisolis CfP certificate (calculation in line with the officially recognized CRE4 methodology), and are among the cleanest solar modules available on the market.

Not only are Qcells’ Q.PEAK DUO L-G6 modules produced using low-carbon materials, but are made with components sourced from a supply chain that is transparent and ethically sustainable thanks to the company’s partnership with NorSun – a Norwegian provider of low-carbon ingots and wafers.

Qcells’ work with NorSun in Sweden is only one strand of the company’s ongoing efforts to source lower-carbon components for its products.

Recently, Hanwha Solutions, the parent company of Qcells, became the largest shareholder in REC Silicon in the US. This move has helped Qcells to secure a stable supply chain of low-carbon polysilicon, which is produced using hydropower-based clean energy from REC Silicon’s facilities.

By integrating these facilities into its production capacities, Qcells ensures that all materials sourced for the manufacture of its cells and modules are fully traceable and sustainable. The strategic investment is part of Qcells’ new mission and ethos to deliver Completely Clean Energy for a greener tomorrow.

Selected Qcells modules have already achieved CfP-certification in France and Korea, and the range of modules that meet low-carbon standards is continuously increasing.

Albert Bergström, Head of Scandinavia sales at Qcells, said: “Qcells is proud to be working with Soltech and Coop on this flagship project. For one of Sweden’s largest food retailers to not only embrace solar, but to specifically request low-carbon certified solar modules produced using clean, traceable materials from Qcells, is a majorly positive signal for Scandinavia’s renewable energy landscape. We hope that this installation will inspire many other companies to seek energy security and …….

Source: https://www.altenergymag.com/news/2022/04/28/qcells-low-carbon-footprint-certified-panels-to-power-one-of-the-largest-rooftop-solar-array-in-the-nordics/37197/

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