Tuesday Dec 06, 2022

Origin Releases AI Tool that Helps Aussies Choose Solar System – Canstar Blue


Origin has launched an online solar tool that’s able to provide customers with insights of how well a PV system will perform on their rooftop.

The utility giant claims the AI technology removes effort and guesswork for solar customers by using 3D data and advanced analytics to calculate the potential savings of a solar panel system within 10 minutes.

The calculations consider a range of factors including roof pitch, shading, the surrounding area and household energy consumption.

This tech aims to make it easier for consumers to choose a solar package based on their circumstances, Origin’s General Manager of Retail Sales and Marketing, Duncan Permezel said.

“This market-leading technology will save customers time by providing them with a quick assessment of how solar will support their household’s energy requirements, including how much it will cost to install and how much they can potentially save,” he said.

“The tailored and detailed nature of the solution makes it easy for customers to understand the potential benefits of solar energy for their home and make an informed decision about what’s best for them.”

Within just 10 minutes, bill-payers can forecast how much solar power their system could generate, the expected installation costs, potential energy and bill savings, as well as the estimated payback period for their system using the platform.

“Previously, prospective solar customers would need to speak with a sales agent and schedule a site inspection to gain this level of personalisation and detail in their quote, a process which can sometimes take weeks,” Mr Permezel added.

“For customers who would prefer to chat to a solar expert or have someone visit their home to inspect their roof, that level of service is still something we provide. This DIY online solar platform is another way that we are trying to make it easier for more customers to access cleaner, smarter and more affordable energy solutions.”

Origin’s Solar Assessment Tool was developed in collaboration with Accenture and Google Cloud.

The online platform is currently available to households in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra metropolitan areas.

To access this assessment, customers will need to visit the Origin Energy website and fill in the relevant details under the solar quote tab.


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Thinking about solar? Here’s what Origin offers

Origin is one of the largest solar installers in Australia, installing more than 1.6 million systems nationwide. The retailer currently has three different solar packages on offer – the Advantage, Premium and Premium Plus range – each of which is suited to different household solar needs and goals. The Advantage Range is claimed to be Origin’s entry-level solution, while the Premium range is a popular option for larger households, according to Origin. As for the Premium Plus range, this is considered to be Origin’s ‘top-of-the-line’ package.

The products used in these Origin packages include Goodwe or Fronius inverters and JA Solar or Trina Solar panels, however the combination will differ depending on the package chosen.

As for solar batteries, Origin offers the LG Chem RESU and Tesla Powerwall 2, both of which come with a 10…….

Source: https://www.canstarblue.com.au/solar/origin-ai-solar-assessment-tool/

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