Sunday Dec 04, 2022

New Kid on the Renewable Energy Block: Solar Roof Tiles – Interesting Engineering


With Tesla likely to dominate the market in the future, have conducted a rough and ready calculation to help us out.

For reference a typical traditional roof would cost around:

Clay Tile: $16,000 USD
Asphalt: $20,000 USD
Slate: $45,000 USD

A Tesla textured glass tile Solar Roof  would cost no more than $73,500 USD for the same size.  Wow,  that’s quite a bit more than say a $20,000 asphalt roof, what gives?

As with conventional solar PV installations, you must think long term. It is an investment after all. The installation will provide “free” electricity, around $2,000 USD a year, over the lifespan of the roof.

Apparently, that’s the typical electric bill in US states like California, Texas, and North Carolina.

Tesla believes the life expectancy of its tiles will be around 30 years. So that “saves” you around $60,000 USD over the lifetime of the roof with a net cost of around $13,500 USD.


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