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Must-have solar gadgets for the home you need in 2022 – Gadget Flow


It’s almost 2022, and solar-powered gadgets have made impressive strides. But which ones are suitable for your home? This blog has suggestions.

Switching to solar-powered gadgets slashes your energy bills and supports a more sustainable lifestyle. So if you want to break up with traditional energy in 2022, these are the must-have solar gadgets for the home we recommend.

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Want to reduce your dependence on the power grid? Then there’s the splurgy yet effective Tesla Solar Panels Rooftop Power Supply.

Or maybe you’d like to reduce your energy use in the kitchen. In that case, the GoSun Fusion solar oven runs on solar by day and electricity by night.

Make 2022 the year you add more solar to your life with the gadgets below.

Blink Solar Panel Charging mount outdoors

You won’t have to worry about your Blink Outdoor security camera running out of batteries when you have the Blink Solar Panel Charging Mount. It’s always charging via the sun, so dead batteries and power outages are never issues.

Get it for $89.98 on Amazon.

2. The GoSun Fusion hybrid solar oven relies on the sun during the day and switches to electrics at night for sustainable cooking.

GoSun Fusion in a video

Make sustainable cooking a regular part of your life with the GoSun Fusion hybrid solar oven. It runs on solar during the day and electricity at night. Plus, it even works on cloudy days. Use it to make meats, vegetables, grain, and much more.

Get it for $419 on the official website.

3. The Tertill Weeding Robot is powered by the sun and whacks your weeds automatically. Plus, it’s weatherproof so rain won’t bother it.

Tertill Weeding Robot weeding a garden

If you love gardening, the Tertill Weeding Robot is a must-have solar gadget for your home. It knows the difference between a weed and a flower, removing the intruders leaving your hydrangeas unharmed.

Get it for $299 on the official website.

4. The Yakima CBX Solar 16 Roof Box gives you extra space in your car and charges your electronics. It’s great for camping and trips.

Yakima CBX Solar 16 Roof Box on a car

Enjoy extra storage in your car with the Yakima CBX Solar 16 Roof Box. It has an integrated solar panel that delivers 36 watts of power and has 2 USB ports. It’s ideal for powering up while camping or doing outdoor sports.

Get it for $1,299 on the official website.

5. The Generark Solar Generator has all-weather portable solar panels, keeping your home ready for longterm power outages.

Generark Solar Generator in a kitchen

The Generark …….


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