Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

Mine Ethereum in Spain with solar energy? It is possible with this company –

Key facts:
  • The Satoshi Spain farm is made up of 800 graphics cards.

  • The farm is supplied with renewable energy, friendly to the environment.

Satoshi Spain is a technology company based in the small Catalan town, just outside of Barcelona, ​​Spain. They are dedicated to the mining of cryptocurrencies with renewable energy and the manufacture of platforms to carry out the activity, known as rigs.

Interestingly, although their name refers to Bitcoin (BTC), they currently have an Ethereum mining farm.

The youtuber and technology enthusiast Alejandro Pérez visited the complex in recent days and recorded the experience. The first thing shown in the audiovisual is a series of mining rigs of ETH, ready and lighting colors, generating the second most important cryptocurrency in the market by valuation.


It is about at least two ships with 800 graphics cards (GPU) that are mining ETH. What is interesting is the business model of the company, which has been seen before: it produces and assembles mining rigs and, at the same time, offers the place for them to trade and start generating cryptocurrencies.

Satoshi Spain manufactures mining rigs and also offers services for them to be used to mine Ethereum. Source: Alejandro Pérez / YouTube.

Nvidia graphics cards

According to the representatives of Satoshi Spain, the hardware they use to mine ethers responds to Nvidia products, but without the restrictions that this company imposed to reduce the profitability of Ethereum mining. These are the RTX 3090, 3070 and 3080 graphics cards, as well as others.

To configure them and get them all started working, Satoshi Spain uses a specialized operating system that allows managing the operation of the miners from a mobile phone.

There are at least 800 GPUs that are operating and generating ethers in the Satoshi Spain complex. Source: Alejandro Pérez / YouTube.

In addition, and although there are more than 800 graphics cards to mine, Satoshi Spain joins a mining pool (which was not identified in the video) in order to find the blocks and obtain the reward. Thus, in the words of the company, up to 200 dollars in ethers could be generated daily for each miner, although electricity consumption and many other taxes must be subtracted from that.

In total, the 800 graphics cards generate about 65,000 megahashes per second (MH/s), which could be about $4,500 a day in gross, which would be more than $135,000 a month, based on average estimates.

there are threats

Although the figure seems large, the miners of Satoshi Spain face several problems. The first is heat. Due to the operations of these hardware, the complex is susceptible to high temperatures. They combat this with specialized systems that ventilate the facilities and large fans placed behind the rigs.

Meanwhile, dust and dirt become another problem. Electronic devices attract dust particles, so Satoshi Spain workers regularly clean the complex and the devices. This allows miners to perform better, at stable temperatures, and without …….


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