Friday Dec 09, 2022

MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Simbatu Begins Selling Solar Energy Products in Nigeria – MicroCapital


Simbatu, a retailer of solar equipment in Nigeria, recently launched its website, offering a range of equipment such as solar panels, hot water heaters, water pumps, power inverters and batteries. Pricing ranges from NGN 18,000 (USD 44) to NGN 338,000 (USD 820). Over time, the firm plans to add products powered by wind, water and biomass.

Daniel Andem, the Sweden-based founder of Simbatu, told MicroCapital that the firm, “aims to be Africa’s leading omni-channel clean energy marketplace. Working with globally reputable brands, we provide convenient access to affordable, quality and innovative clean energy solutions within urban, peri-urban and rural communities.”

Simbatu was founded in 2021. The firm’s inventory includes brands such as Canada’s Canadian Solar, India’s Amaron and China’s SMK Solar.

Sources and Additional Resources

Direct contact with Simabtu

Amaron homepage

Canadian Solar homepage

SMK Solar homepage

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