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McCue Corporation Releases Sustainable, Solar-Powered Signage – PR Newswire


Industry-Leading Safety Company Unveils Environmentally Friendly BumperSign Solar

DANVERS, Mass., Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Safety experts McCue Corporation released its latest sustainable sign: BumperSign Solar. BumperSign Solar is a high-strength signage solution powered by solar energy.

Designed for busy parking lots, BumperSign Solar guides pedestrian traffic, online pickup, and specialized pickup options. It provides high visibility in darkness and automatically lights up at dusk.

BumperSign Solar charges during the day and automatically lights up at night

This eco-friendly sign is designed using LED-batteries connected to a solar panel and rechargeable batteries, so it will generate power virtually anywhere and turn on every night.

“Designing an energy efficient signage solution is another step to helping our customers save on energy costs and help protect the planet,” says Product Engineer Matt O’Brien.

Reusable and energy efficient, once installed, it will continue to charge itself through capturing sunlight and converting it into battery power. Even when there’s no sunlight, its technology system can power the sign for up to 5 nights without receiving a charge.

With a strong, innerspring core, BumperSign Solar can withstand bumps and impacts in the parking lot. It’s engineered to endure all the elements — with a self-draining design for snow and rain — to save customers from any maintenance costs.

Its modern design and customizability allow businesses to extend their brand all the way to the parking lot, making a cohesive and positive customer experience. It also has easy-to-customize illuminated nameplates that adhere to the sign to ensure branding will stand out.

It installs in 15 minutes or less, creating an organized and safe parking lot experience. No matter the layout of your parking lot, it can be placed almost anywhere, and it does not require the same power-grid consideration as traditional signs do — no excavating or power lines required.

BumperSign Solar will be available for orders starting September 2022.

About McCue Corporation

McCue, a company with over 31 years of safety and damage prevention experience, has roots across the world. With offices in the U.S., China, and the UK, the company’s main purpose is to make retail spaces and distribution centers work better and safer. Their innovative products are what make them leaders in the industry, and they’re why customers continue to choose them for all their safety needs.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact McCue’s Industrial Safety Barrier Team at (800) 800-8503 or email [email protected].

SOURCE McCue Corporation


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