Saturday Jan 28, 2023

Mango Power launches M Series solar energy storage system and E portable battery –


The Mango Power Series M is a home energy storage system that can fast-charge EVs. (Image source: Mango Power)

The Mango Power M Series all-in-one home energy storage system can be used as backup power for your home. The device can also be used as a solar energy system or to charge an EV. The Mango Power E is a portable battery with 16 output ports. You can charge the gadget via solar panels or the M Series’ EV charger.

The Mango Power M Series, an all-in-one home energy storage system, has launched at Intersolar Munich. Mango Power claims that it is the first device of its kind in the world that can provide backup power for your whole house.

The system can be used as a photovoltaic (PV) or solar energy system, with a built-in inverter, backup gateway and modularized 10-20 kWh battery. The CATL LFP battery cells used have a 10-year warranty.

The M Series can also be used for daily tasks such as fast charging EVs. US and EU versions of the product will be released with single and triple phase connections and a maximum output of 8-14 kW.

Another new product is the Mango Power E, a portable battery system with 16 output ports and six charging methods. CATL LFP battery cells are also used in this device for durability and efficiency. The Mango Power E is modular, with an optional 3.5 kWh extender battery.

You can connect two E batteries to your home for backup power, providing up to 14 kWh capacity. The portable gadget can be charged via an AC wall outlet, solar panel or the EV charger from the M series.

The Mango Power E has Bluetooth and Wi-fi capabilities, allowing you to remotely track real-time information. Plus, the device has a quick charge mode, charging from 0 to 80% in one hour. It is currently unclear when the products will be released or how much they will cost.

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