Sunday Nov 27, 2022

Japan cash-in vast solar power potential – Devdiscourse


Solar power is a renewable source of energy where the sun’s energy is converted into electricity via the usage of solar panels. A number of solar power generation companies are present in Japan. All the firms are coming up with a new variety of products for solar panel installation and management.

Ryoji Matsuda, VERTEC, said, “Our company’s theme is contributing to the environment from the rooftop. The rooftop is our working area. We thought about the contribution to the environment and developed waterproof products and a base for solar energy.” These solar panel move according to the direction of the sun, so it can store sunlight more efficiently.

“The position of the sun can be defined by the calculation of the latitude and longitude of its site. It is calculated by the computer built into the base and moves the angle to follow the sun. Japan is promoting energy conservation and carbon neutrality according to national policy. An increasing number of companies are installing solar panels for self-consumption, aiming to contribute to environmental protection. It can reduce electricity fees and promote companies that are taking care of the environment, and I think the demand for solar panels is increasing,” said Akiba Noriyuki, LC-JAPAN. Managing and cleaning panel is a major task for large-scale facilities like “mega-solar”. Install the rail and brush on the solar panel and clean them under computer control.

This clean product is used in the snow area in winter. Kim JeongYun, Reset, Robotics Startup, said, “In large solar panel power plants, some plants use small cleaning robots to clean panels. If the plant is large, working with human power is often wasting time. I believed that developing robots that can move autonomously without human intervention would make maintenance significantly easier.”

Technological advancements to operate renewable energy more efficiently play an important role in achieving the goal of carbon neutrality worldwide. (ANI)

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