Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Innovative End-To-End Solar Package Now Available in VIC and NSW – Canstar Blue


Solar panel manufacturer QCells has launched an innovative end-to-end solar power solution for residents in New South Wales and Victoria.

Under its new brand, Arcstream, the solar powerhouse is offering packages that cover all bases, from panel installations to an integrated green energy plan.

This solar solution aims to streamline the process of incorporating renewable energy in the home, Arcstream’s General Manager of Commercial Operations, Mick Fell explained.

“We know that many Australian homeowners already see the benefit of owning their own solar and battery, but we also know that buying solar and storage and finding an energy plan that works for them can be incredibly overwhelming,” he said.

“We want to provide an easy way for households to simplify the complexity of putting home renewable energy in place by offering an all-inclusive solution from a trusted and quality brand, that matches their energy needs to their lifestyle, but provides bill certainty, and is easy to understand, like their broadband or mobile phone plan.”

Customers who sign up to Arcstream will be given QCells solar panels as well as a battery storage unit, plus a subscription-based energy plan designed for solar households. Members will also gain access to Arcstream’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Three energy plans are available to consumers, each with 100 per cent GreenPower included as part of the rates. Customers will be supplied power from the grid via Aussie-owned retailer, Electricity in a Box, on Arcstream’s behalf.

Arcstream also offers solutions to customers who already own solar panels and/or a battery.

This offer is currently only available to residents in NSW and VIC, but in the company has hinted its services may be coming online in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory soon.

For the full terms and conditions, please visit Arcstream’s website.

What are the energy plans on offer from Arcstream?

Arcstream has three plans; Standard, Spark and Shine, with eligibility varying across each product. Those looking to install a solar panel and battery system can choose from any of the three options, however, some packages are better suited to certain conditions than others. The size of the solar panels, inverter and battery offered will also differ between plans, based on these conditions.

The Standard plan is claimed to accommodate smaller homes with lower power  usage (approximately less than 20kWh per day), while the Spark plan is the company’s middle-range product. The Shine plan is aimed at larger homes that use more than 30kWh of electricity a day. Households interested in getting an electric vehicle may also benefit from the Shine plan, according to Arcstream.

At the time of publication, the Shine plan in Victoria claims to save consumers up to 75 per cent off the relative Victorian Default Offer. This bumps up to more than 80 per cent for NSW residents when compared to the Default Market Offer.

How does Arcstream’s energy plans work?

Unlike regular energy products, Arcstream’s plans use a subscription-based model, meaning that instead of a daily supply charge, customers pay a small monthly fee. Included in this fee is a portion of energy usage for the month, which means customers will only need to pay for usage if they go over the threshold. This figure differs slightly depending on the …….


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