Monday Feb 06, 2023

HYPERXON SOLAR ENERGY STORAGE MODULES UNVEILED – long life expectancy of 82 to 137 years – PR Web


Plug directly into the sun, store energy quickly to power electronic devices, heating units, refrigeration units, LED lighting, and grow food using the HEXOGENIX spectrum grow lights.

Hyperxon Energy is a solar power technology firm dedicated to providing solar wind eco-efficient solutions utilizing new modular solar technologies designed from the ground up to sustainably power the essentials of life. The new modular solar technologies are driving carbon-cutting strategies and innovations that reduce demand for resources.

The Hyperxon solar and wind systems include power harvesting equipment, Vector circuits, various long life expectancy energy storage modules, conversion modules, and portable solar power units. Hyperxon provides unprecedented safety, durability, and life expectancy.

Hypergel energy storage modules have a life expectancy of 137 years and Hyperpack 82 years . Hyperxon Energy redefines popular notions of self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Hyperxon provides a hassle-free energy solution with “ Pass-Through ” technology. This is a scalable hybrid solar wind power option. The integrated solid-state electronic systems can automatically regulate the power from solar/wind while diverting excess power to energy storage modules to optimize fluctuating conditions.

Hyperxon Solar Wind power has also developed specialized LED lighting grow systems using multi custom LED chips and HEXOGENIX light spectrum for indoor food production. The grow lighting system is powered directly from solar or wind – no grid required. Carbon neutral LED grow modules will help industry to accelerate transition to greener agri-food systems. The SPECTRAFLUX high reflectance film provides light uniformity in indoor horticultural grow applications, improving uniformity which translate into lower energy use and less glare. The life expectancy of SPECTRAFLUX high reflectance film is 30 – 50 years.

Hyperxon Energy presents a huge opportunity at a time when climate change is becoming a major threat. The timeline of a major transition into alternative energy is now. The solar powered led grow lights system and direct solar power heating, refrigeration, LED lighting and other modules will cut carbon emissions and boost climate-smart transitions.

The Hyperxon solar building blocks are the key drivers for the sustainable future “we stand ready to do our part”.

Our mission is to provide the world with high performance superior products, using innovative designs and solutions that improve the efficiency of solar and wind power technologies in an eco-friendly manner. The intellectual property is available for license or sale – contact us for details.

If you would like more information, please contact us at 541-735-2536. Please visit our website at

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