Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Green Home Systems Proud to Announce that they Now Offer SolarEdge’s EV Charger – PR Web


Green Home Systems is proud to announce that they now offer SolarEdge’s EV chargers in order to provide customers with a more well-rounded array of renewable energy products.

Robbie Hebert, Managing Director of Green Home Systems, recently spoke on the soaring gas prices and how that will cause a surge in consumers switching to EVs and subsequently switching to solar energy to power their EV.

GHS has been partnered with SolarEdge for some time before specifically offering their EV charger, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t always something that they considered for the future. In regards to the additional electricity needed to power an EV overnight, Hebert was quoted stating, “we really thought ahead when partnering with SE as they also have their own line of EV chargers which allow the battery to charge EVs at night so that there is no energy pulled from what is directly powering the home.”

Making sure your vehicle is charged takes priority over most other electrical needs. A car is essentially your freedom and just as you could go nowhere without gasoline in a traditional vehicle, your EV requires a charge to get you to and from where you need to go. The last thing you would want is needing to quickly run out the door and realizing that your car isn’t ready to go. With SE’s EV charger, your solar power system’s electricity will prioritize your car while also continuing to power the rest of your home. This allows for faster charging times and overall more efficiency for your system.

Additionally SE offers an app where customers can control their entire system. SE states on their website, “Easy to install, SolarEdge’s Smart EV Charger seamlessly integrates with our solar inverters, enabling homeowners to control and optimize all household energy from a single app.”

“Integration is so key when adding on to your existing solar energy system,” states Hebert. “We always want to make sure our customers are taken care of when it comes to the ease of use for their solar system, so offering SE’s integrative EV charger was incredibly important to us as more people begin to ditch their traditional cars and make the electric, which, of course, we all eventually will and likely sooner rather than later if gas prices continue to skyrocket.”

Read more about why GHS decided to partner with SolarEdge here.

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