Sunday Nov 27, 2022

Greater need for more sustainable energy sources as electricity prices rise – Manila Bulletin


With the rise in global electricity costs, there is a growing demand for more sustainable energy sources. Despite the ongoing pandemic crisis, there is a steady increase in the demand for solar lighting products and safe alternative resources that reduce carbon footprints in the environment.

The Philippines, as a tropical country, is more than ready for solar energy. The Renewable Energy Act of 2008 directs the Energy Department to investigate and utilize available renewable energy sources in the country, with solar energy at the top of the list. More major players are entering the solar industry and blazing new trails. They are certain that solar energy is the energy source of the future for our homes and small businesses.

Dependable and Trusted brand

With the advent of e-commerce, solar lights have been reaching the end consumers faster. One brand that has been trailblazing the e-commerce market is the Takiyo Japan Solar Lights. Started early 2019 and now proud to be considered as one of the most dependable and trusted brands among solar lights in the market. Unlike most solar lights with flimsy plastic casings, Takiyo Japan Solar Lights products are meticulously engineered, researched, developed, and tested. Most of the products have a heavy-duty aluminum die-cast casing and are IP (Ingress Protection) rated as weatherproof and dustproof. Designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions that our country is accustomed to.

Value for Money

Takiyo Japan Solar Lights product offers replaceable parts to ensure long-term use of the unit and to provide customers with more value for their money. Takiyo Japan Solar Lights provides the market’s most cost-effective solar products. They have the cheapest monocrystalline solar panels for streetlights in the market. Monocrystalline panels are intended to last longer and collect more solar energy efficiently than polycrystalline panels.

Certified and Subject to Careful Inspection

Takiyo Japan Solar Lights’ manufacturing facility is gearing towards ISO 9001 certification, as they are now ROHS and CE Certified. To maintain high production and quality standards, their products are subjected to careful inspection and testing by an independent auditor – SGS. Takiyo Japan Solar Lights’ manufacturing plant passed the SGS audit with zero nonconformities early last year.

Customer Centric Culture

Takiyo Japan Solar Lights is known for providing excellent customer service. This is one of the main reasons why customers keep returning to their brand because they recognize the value of their customers and stakeholders. Takiyo Japan Solar Lights is proud of their customer centric culture and flexibility when it comes to meeting the needs of their clients. They treat their customers as if they are family. Some of their loyal customers call them on a regular basis, just wanted to stay in touch, as if they’ve known them for years.

Guaranteed Warranty

Takiyo Japan Solar Lights is committed to providing a one-year service warranty to all of their products. As studies suggest, the capacity of a solar streetlight’s battery is the first thing to degrade among other parts. Most streetlights on the market today are designed to last only a year or two because their batteries are already unable to charge and discharge electricity properly. Takiyo Japan Solar lights have batteries that are expected to last for 5 years. From this point, you will notice a decrease in the intensity of the lamp’s brightness. Our LEDs, on the other hand, are designed to last 10-12 years. Takiyo Japan Solar Lights also provides battery packs for customers who want to replace their …….


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