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Global Energy Crisis 2022: What Can We Learn From It? – CleanTechnica


Over the past two years, a new global energy crisis has come into being. The impact it’s having is profound, and has overwhelmed both governments and people — and the effects are stilling coming.  What kind of crisis are we dealing with, and what are some of the solutions we can bring to help solve these issues? And, for households, how can they reduce the impact of rolling blackouts and other power outages we’re starting to see around the world?

In this article, we believe that DIY solar power system has shown us the way we should go. 

The World Is Undergoing An Energy Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic burst into our lives, it broke the balance of the supply and demand chain of oil production. People didn’t travel and move about their cities the way they had before, which then the global supply chain that spread, having an adverse impact on petroleum supply. That was everywhere.

In other countries, the effects are localized and unique. For example, Brazil is facing the worst drought in generations, and that’s threatening the supply of electrity to almost two-thirds of the population — limiting their ability to “bounce back” from COVID.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war exacerbates the predicament that these countries find themselves in. The bilateral conflict between Russia and Ukraine, “has had far-reaching impacts on the global energy system.” And “It has pushed up energy prices for many consumers and businesses around the world, hurting households, industries and entire economies,” commented Dr. Fatih Birol, executive director of International Energy Agency. 

The general public is bearing the brunt of these impacts. Without access to consistent fuel supplies to generate electricity and energy, utility companies are failing to provide consistent service to the most vulnerable populations, with a number of areas suffering frequent power cuts, which heavily disturbs their ability to work, communicate, and maintain a stable peace of mind. 

Electricity Is More Critical Than Ever

In this connected age, electricity means more to more people than ever before. A sudden power outage can wreak havoc on traffic patters, cause industrial production stoppages that can devastate local economies, and prevent thousands of office workers in corporate offices from conducting transactions that might be worth millions of dollars.

Without electricity, people can get trapped in an elevator, walk in pitch darkness at night, and find themselves unable to drive — both because they can’t charge electric vehicles like Tesla cars, or get gasoline from the electric fuel pumps at the corner store.

Elsewhere, electricity means life and death. For example, the snow storm assailing Texas months ago had led to a large-scale power outage lasting for days, in dangerously freezing conditions. Many people asked for help through social media and from their complaints, saying that the loss of power was threatening the lives of their loved ones who rely upon access to medical devices to sustain their lives. 

Is There a Way to Stop The Energy Crisis and Prevent Power Cuts?

According to World Economic Forum, “the answer is not additional fossil fuels, but instead putting efforts into the energy transition.”

The U.S. Department of Energy, too, says that, “The advantages of renewable energy are numerous and …….


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