Saturday Feb 04, 2023

Energy Harvesting and Future of Sustainable IoT – IoT For All


This week on the IoT For All Podcast, SODAQ CEO Ollie Smeenk joins us to discuss the sustainable IoT space and some of the biggest technologies enabling it. Ollie shares the evolution he’s seen IoT and the sustainable IoT front undergo so far, including some of the most impactful technologies, like energy harvesting, that are driving the adoption of more sustainable IoT solutions. He also speaks to more of the specifics – including low-power technologies and the use cases that fit it best, energy harvesting, and battery-less technology.

Ollie also digs more deeply into energy harvesting – the use cases where it works best, some of the obstacles to adoption, and where the industry is going as a whole.

Born in the Netherlands, raised in Tanzania, Ollie Smink installed a large base of weather monitoring stations across Sub Saharan Africa and is now CEO of IoT hardware company SODAQ. He has a passion for positive impact driven by physical products and technical innovation, especially using solar energy harvesting and low-power hardware in countries with limited infrastructure and focusing on environmental challenges.

Interested in connecting with Ollie? Reach out to him on Linkedin!

About SODAQ:

SODAQ is a market leader in low-power sensing and tracking, with expertise in embedded hardware, software, industrial design, and scaling technical innovations. Mainly focusing on B2B and governmental clients, SODAQ aims to develop products that significantly reduce environmental impact of value chains in Transportation, Construction, Agriculture and Offshore industries. All this must be achieved with devices that have minimum environmental impact in their life-cycle and therefore SODAQ invests in making products that are planned to work perpetually/forever. A key example is the TRACK SOLAR, an asset tracker that works globally and can be attached to any asset, working autonomously. Another is the Locator One, a device that autonomously measures GNSS position on a sub-cm accuracy in 3D in order to detect tiny deformations in objects or surfaces, mainly in construction. SODAQ can offer an end-to-end solution including device management and visualisation tools for the data, but is completely flexible to work with any partners in the provision of its hardware products. 50% of the business is focused on custom development, while the other 50% is focused on selling products. Most products include no mains power source, work with LPWAN technologies and/or Bluetooth. SODAQ sees a world without batteries.

Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:

(01:07) Intro to Ollie

(02:49) Intro to SODAQ

(05:55) What evolutions have you seen in sustainable IoT?

(08:23) What kinds of use cases is low-power technology enabling?

(11:21) What is energy harvesting?

(12:48) When is energy harvesting a good fit for a use case?

(18:34) What’s prohibiting the growth of this sustainable IoT technology?

(21:29) What challenges are your customers facing? What’s the market look like?

(23:58) Where do you see the industry going, technology-wise?

(26:03) How can listeners reach out and learn more about SODAQ?


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