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Energy Center of the World Announces Acquiring Your Energy Blog – GlobeNewswire


Manchester, CT, USA , Dec. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Manchester, CT – Energy Center of The World (ECW), has announced that it recently acquired Your Energy Blog. The acquisition was decided to mainly use the content on the blog to serve the brand’s existing and new clients. The highly informative content from the blog will be merged with the website. In addition, the step is one of the many that The Energy Center of The World is taking to rebrand its website and business, enabling it to grow from beyond just serving Wisconsin to the world.

Energy Center of the World is a brand on a mission to help and influence the switch from traditional energy generation and use to renewable solar energy. While the acceptance and use of reusable solar energy have certainly skyrocketed, with a laundry list of green tech products being introduced each year, the acceptance, according to experts, should be hastened through improved technology and awareness.

Energy Center of The World helps homeowners and consumers who want to conserve energy or switch to solar energy or any other green technology to make their homes more efficient. The company’s rebrand signifies a significant turn in the brand’s strategy to focus on a more global client base by helping people worldwide instead of just Wisconsin.

Readers can find out more about Energy Center of the World by visiting the company’s official website at https://www.ecw.org

“We have a highly passionate team of experienced bloggers, educators, and many other people who want to share their knowledge of green and renewable energy. We aim to inspire over 100,000 homeowners to make the switch from regular or traditional polluting energy sources to renewable and mostly solar energy by our intended target date of 2030.” Said a staff contributor at Energy Center of The World.

She added, “We regularly publish product reviews, and news, in addition to lots of easy-to-understand guides, about renewable solar products, in addition to industry news. Our goal is to become the go-to source for anyone who wants to make the switch to renewable solar energy regardless of where they are in the world.”

About Energy Center of The World

Energy Center of The World is a renewable energy company that believes in educating and informing a global audience about renewable solar energy. The brand aims to help 100,000 homeowners switch to renewable energy by 2030. The company believes a target is achievable and a much-needed part of keeping the earth safe.

Website: https://www.ecw.org/

Source: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/12/23/2357138/0/en/Energy-Center-of-the-World-Announces-Acquiring-Your-Energy-Blog.html

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