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Clean Energy Solutions’ Unique Selling Proposition Results in the Company’s Remarkable 12,000 Percent Growth – Yahoo Finance


Washington, D.C.–(Newsfile Corp. – May 11, 2022) – Clean Energy Solutions, a solar energy company based out in California, has managed to grow itself by 12,000 percent since its inception in 2014. A remarkable feat mainly attributed to its unique sales proposition (USP)–providing the essential solar panels and charging clients only for the energy generated and used over a certain period. The move has allowed the company to revolutionize the way renewable energy is delivered to a US household–a highly affordable and sustainable energy alternative to the monthly electric bill.

The success can also be owed to the company’s strategic vision and mission. Founder and CEO David Gomez explains, “Clean Energy Solutions is backed by its mission of providing property owners with clean, reliable, and affordable solar power. Our unique offerings help our subscribers gain huge monthly savings and the peace of mind that they will no longer have to worry about expensive utility bills.”

The last seven years have seen a rapid growth transition that includes the expansion of its operations into Texas, Nevada, and an international outlet in Mexico city. The increase in size complements the continuing demand for renewable energy solutions–a clear indication of today’s consumers’ key understanding of what products and services leave less of an impact on the environment. The company has registered a 749 percent Year-over-Year (YoY) growth due to its integrated sales, financing, design, installation, monitoring, and efficiency services, minus the use of multiple third parties.

“Clean Energy Solutions understands the energy market and the sudden demand for alternative sources that are more environmentally friendly. This has been our guiding light towards fulfilling our promise of providing reliable and affordable solar energy,” said Gomez.

The strong commitment to helping US households has led to a bevy of awards and recognitions for the company, including being part of Inc Magazine’s Inc 500 and Inc 5000 list– tagged as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US. Clean Energy Solutions has also been ranked by Sunnova Energy Corporation as its Highest Growth corporate partner. Lastly, the company has been recognized by Sunrun for having the fastest installation times as their integrated partner.

Clean Energy Solutions also has the distinction of being the only solar energy provider that performs the whole sales process via phone–taking away the need for in-home appointments. Another advantage that the company prides itself on is its ability to know what its customers want and need.

Gomez explains, “At the start of a customer-provider relationship, we first try to understand what they need and want. We take a close look at energy usage and pinpoint opportunities for improvements. Being familiar with this important aspect of the business relationship has helped reinforce our promise of an excellent solar energy system for their use.”

Solar energy, as an industry, is expected to log in continuous growth for the long term. At present, solar power accounts for three percent of US power generation. The growth is predicted to further go up to 20 percent by the year 2050–consolidating the US’ number two ranking in the top five list of countries that are fully reliant on solar energy, sitting alongside China, Japan, India, and Germany.

Wanting to play a significant role in this expected growth, Clean Energy Solutions expressed its continued commitment to act as a catalyst to the industry’s upward trajectory–revolutionizing the distribution of solar power across the US.

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