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Beam Global’s Off-Grid EV Chargers Now In 100+ Municipalities – CleanTechnica


It was just in May 2021 that I had the privilege to interview Beam Global’s CEO, Desmond Wheatley, about a then-recent order from the state of California for 52 off-grid solar-power EV chargers. Each Beam Global EV charging unit has a 4.3 kilowatt solar array and up to 44kWh of battery storage.

Typically news about EV chargers is about those that are on-grid and permanently installed, but there are also off-grid EV chargers for situations such as natural disasters and power outages. They can also operate in remote, isolated conditions. Beam Global recently announced it has its EV chargers operating in sites around the world. Mr. Wheatley answered some questions about the expansion for CleanTechnica.

How many renewable energy EV charging systems have you sold so far, and where are they located? 

EV ARC™ solar-powered EV charging systems have been deployed in over 100 municipalities and organizations in the US, and internationally in Spain, Brazil, Canada, and the Caribbean. New York City is our largest municipal customer with around 100 units deployed.

How long have you been selling them, and how have you managed to sell your EV charging stations to so many municipalities? 

Beam Global was founded in 2006 and has pioneered clean, 100% renewable energy for EV charging and energy security long before it was popular. Based in San Diego, California, all of our products are Made in America, which is important to us and to our customers. We are not just creating exciting new clean technology, we are creating careers and business models that will carry us all forward. The EV ARC™, our primary EV charging product, requires no construction or electrical work and as a result has never needed any sort of permitting, meaning it is easily and rapidly deployed. 

Desmond Wheatley, image credit: Beam Global

We also see cities and states that value the transportability of the EV ARC™ system, and that it can be swiftly redeployed depending on how a city needs to use the infrastructure. The City of Oakland, California, for example, redeployed some of their EV ARC™ systems to power COVID-19 emergency sites in April 2020. 

The fact that our EV ARC™ systems are also disaster preparedness assets, providing EV charging and emergency power during blackouts, is another significant inducement to our customers’ buying decision.

Who is your typical customer? 

We work with a wide swath of customers, from federal and state government agencies looking for rapidly deployed, energy resilient EV charging systems to fuel their fleets, to local cities and towns looking for convenient and construction-less EV charging systems to private sector customers looking to provide EV charging to visitors, employees and tenants. 

Recently, because we’re an approved federal vendor, we’re able to sell our products directly to federal government agencies and branches of the military looking to securely power their electric fleets and machinery. This past October, we received our first order from the US Marine Corps for 21 EV ARC™s that will be deployed across 14 different bases.

What is the solar power capacity of one of your renewable energy EV charging stations, and how many EVs can charge simultaneously at each one? 

The combination of our patented tracking 4.3 kW solar array and our onboard batteries with …….

Source: https://cleantechnica.com/2021/11/30/beam-globals-off-grid-ev-chargers-now-in-100-municipalities/

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