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An autonomous produce dryer that uses photovoltaic energy –


G-teK has introduced a system to dry fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs using exclusively the electricity generated by a photovoltaic system, i.e. at no cost. This system enables users to achieve the maximum quality with considerable savings.

Italo Base+ (registered trademark) is a G-teK device that enables natural-effect dehydration using solar energy to warm up the air and favor its circulation for the drying process. It is suitable for all organic materials, especially fruit and vegetable, but also meat, fish and other matrices.

“It was designed to obtain significant results in terms of product quality and energy savings: it preserves organoleptic qualities in full safety while respecting the environment, as it is powered up by a direct-action photovoltaic system that makes it completely independent and able to be installed anywhere,” explains owner Giovanni Marino.

The device can be installed also in open fields without the need to be connected to the electricity grid. It can therefore be used during harvesting and the preparation of products, reducing to a minimum the degenerative processes caused by prolonged storage: by eliminating the liquids naturally contained in food, their volume and perishability are reduced.

“Despite the complexity of the process, the ease of use and reduced need for maintenance of the device make it a powerful and flexible tool that can be used in rustic environments where no particular attention or technical/specialized requirements are necessary: the low voltage eliminates the risk of electrocution due to accidental maneuvers, thus guaranteeing safety.”

Engineer Giovanni Marino awarded at Macfrut Innovation Award by Renzo Piraccini a few years ago

The machine must be placed in the sun and, without further interventions by the operator, it performs the drying process desired over a variable period of time (a few hours to a few days). Thanks to this innovative technique, it is possible to obtain high-quality dried products that maintain good part of their natural characteristics. The drying process uses hot air current away from direct solar radiations so as to preserve the properties of the products.

The machine is made up of 8 trays to arrange the products, with a capacity of 80 kg that can be increased or customized. The device is also effective in case of reduced exposure to sunlight and carries on the process also at nighttime. In addition, the process is monitored via digital tools and accessories that are supplied as standard or upon request.

G-teK has been promoting specific solutions for renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic, solar, thermal, wind, hydroelectric and biomass plants since 1999 to contribute to limiting the consumption of traditional combustibles and drastically reduce pollution and expenses.

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