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5 Best Solar Panel Maintenance in Boston, MA – Kev’s Best


Below is a list of the top and leading Solar Panel Maintenance in Boston, MA. To help you find the best Solar Panel Maintenance located near you in Boston, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.

Boston’s Best Solar Panel Maintenance:

The top rated Solar Panel Maintenance in Boston, MA are:

  • Boston Solar – the #1 residential solar contractor based in Massachusetts, with more than 4,800 installations in 10 years
  • Zapotec Energy, Inc. – aims to engineer the equitable use of sustainable energy for the benefit of the community, environment and the next generation
  • Nexamp, Inc. – a leader in the clean energy space, offering solar and energy storage solutions
  • Solar Wave Energy Inc – began as Solar Wave Construction in 1978 building site-built collectors and installing manufactured products
  • EnergySage – empowers people to make smarter energy decisions, through simplicity, transparency, and choice

Boston Solar

Boston Solar is happy to be supplying energy to Massachusetts, which continues to lead the nation in solar installations. They offer superior products, outstanding customer service, and the highest level of craftsmanship. On top of that, they now offer a Production Guarantee on your residential solar system, which guarantees energy production for the first ten years of operation or they’ll cover the difference. To add, they provide residential and commercial installations throughout Massachusetts, including the south shore, north shore, metro west, central mass, greater Boston, the south coast, and parts of Cape Cod, up to Hyannis.




Address: 55 6th Rd Suite #1, Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: (617) 648 5601


“Pretty great experience all around. Full disclosure, I had been researching solar panels for a couple of months before I reached out to Boston Solar. I knew I had energy problems and I wanted a company that was local, had a great reputation and could help me in the future if any problems or additional projects were needed. It was a real pleasure working with Rick and Katerina. LOVED the communication which is my #1 priority in big projects like this.” – Steve E

Zapotec Energy, Inc.

Zapotec Energy, Inc. began providing design-build and solar commissioning services for solar energy systems in 2003. In 2007, the company became incorporated, and it proceeded to hire more people and take on bigger projects. Today, five staff are working on a variety of renewable energy projects in New England. Solar energy design and construction, owner’s engineering services, and operations and maintenance are among their strengths. Furthermore, their  mission is to engineer equitable sustainable energy use for the benefit of the community, the environment, and future generations.




Address: 26 Glenwood Ave Suite 302, Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617) 547 5900


“Fantastic staff. Very helpful.” – Jeremy Cowham

Nexamp, Inc.

Nexamp, Inc. is now a market leader in renewable energy, providing solar and energy storage solutions. The’ve been pursuing their aim of building the future of energy that is clean, easy, and accessible for over …….


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