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2022 SunPower Solar Panels Review: Are They Worth It? – EcoWatch


SunPower and its solar panels consistently rank among the most popular in the nation for their exceptional efficiency, performance and warranty. In this SunPower solar panels review, we’ll discuss how the industry leader’s best solar panels line up against competitors’ top products.

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Panel Overview

With roots in solar technology and manufacturing, SunPower’s solar modules actually predated the company’s success in the installation market. To expand its installation services, SunPower announced in late 2021 that it would spin off its manufacturing arm into a new company, Maxeon Solar. SunPower’s solar panels are still branded after their original namesake.

SunPower offers four monocrystalline solar panels, each with its own unique advantages. Which panel you choose will depend on your needs. Here’s a rundown of each type of solar panel:

SunPower Solar Panel



Best For

A Series


400 W

Homeowners who want the best product available

X Series


370 W

Space-constrained projects, like homes with small roofs

E Series


320 W, 327 W or 435 W

Residential projects and smaller commercial operations

P Series


380 to 400 W

Commercial installations or projects without space constraints

SunPower Solar Panel Efficiency

The first solar panel ever invented only had about a 6% efficiency rate — meaning only 6% of the energy striking the panel is converted into usable alternating current (AC) electricity. Even today, the most efficient solar panels in development only convert about 40% at the very most.

SunPower’s ratings of 19-22% (varying with the different models available) are significantly higher than most conventional panels on the market today, providing a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Requiring a lower overall cost: Since high-efficiency solar panels have a better power output, the number of panels you need on your home is reduced, which can lead to lower total costs.
  • Providing more power for the usable space: Along the same lines, high-efficiency panels provide more energy potential with less space. This means homeowners with less available roof space can still be good candidates for SunPower solar panels.
  • Being more sustainable overall: Not only do high-efficiency panels provide more bang for your buck, but they also help to lower your impact. Fewer panels require fewer materials, therefore reducing the energy and waste that goes into your SunPower system.

Temperature Coefficient

Temperature coefficient is another way to describe solar panels’ performance in varying conditions. Solar panels operate at an ideal temperature of around 75 degrees F, and their performance can degrade with temperatures significantly above or below that figure. The smaller the temperature coefficient, the less performance suffers when temperatures change.

SunPower solar panels currently hold a temperature coefficient …….


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