Sunday Jan 29, 2023

10WGE Offers an Easy Way to Buy Korean Solar Power Equipment – BusinessKorea

A screen capture of 10WGE’s website

10WGE, a Korean startup that specializes in solar power equipment, presents an easy way to purchase the world’s highest quality solar energy equipment from various brands, especially from Korean manufacturers.

The company has secured a number of products from global solar energy manufacturers, including Korean companies such as Hanwha Q CELLS, Hyundai Energy Solutions, and Shinsung E&G.

10WGE’s has built a new website that sells solar energy products like any other shopping mall. It shows products such as inverters, modules, and optimizers by category and manufacturer.

The website not only introduces product features in an easy-to-understand manner, but provides manufacturers’ official datasheet about all products it has secured. Therefore, it satisfies general buyers as well as professional buyers.

Meanwhile, 10 Wonders, which operates 10WGE, is a Korean startup founded in 2016. It is operating influencer marketing platform Celllystory and influencer content-based commerce platform Cellypick. Moreover, it is striving to discover new companies through its investment affiliate, 10 Wonders Investment, which was established in 2020.


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